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Did you know every tooth contains vital tissues?

Inside every baby (deciduous) and permanent adult tooth is a central chamber containing connective tissue, a nerve supply, and blood vessels. These core tissues, known as the dental pulp, help the tooth grow and mature before it emerges into the mouth. Once a tooth erupts into place, the dental pulp provides nourishment, keeps the tooth vital, and alerts you of problems.

When decay and injury damage the nerve inside a baby tooth

Unfortunately, cavities and dental trauma can damage the vital tissues inside teeth. When the dental pulp of a primary or deciduous tooth gets compromised by decay or injury, but there's no sign of infection, we frequently recommend "nerve treatment," known as a pulpotomy.

The purpose of root canal treatment on a "baby" tooth is to avoid further damage, prevent infection, and maintain the tooth until its permanent successor tooth comes into place. In many cases, it's best to avoid an extraction and maintain the baby tooth. A prematurely lost baby tooth can result in space loss for its permanent successors and other consequences.

What is a pulpotomy on a baby tooth?

While the phrase "root canal treatment" can sound daunting, the procedure is as routine as getting a filling. A pulpotomy, gently performed under local anesthesia, involves removing the exposed or affected tissues within the crown of the tooth (the visible portion of the tooth). A special medication then gets placed to disinfect the area and calm the remaining nerve tissue.

Restoring and maintaining the tooth

Following the completion of the pulpotomy, a restoration is required. Our pediatric dentist will recommend the most suitable restoration depending on the amount of tooth structure remaining and how much time is left before the baby tooth is projected to fall out. Oftentimes, a full-coverage pediatric dental crown offers maximum protection while preserving the space and restoring function.

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